Elevators and escalators are not the kinds of manufactured goods that can be sold forgotten. They are in continuous operation have to be installed by technicians. and needs to be maintain at regular interval of time. They are machine systems that need regular, periodic inspection elevator maintenance service.

It is mandatory for elevator companies to provide these services without which, the product would be incomplete in a sense.

Once you install Schneider elevators you can be sure of reliable mobility. Schneider Elevators is a company committed to safety and quality concerns. We have a team of highly trained and licensed technicians to make your elevator rides safe and sound. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Spare parts:

It often happens that we purchase electronic goods or machines which are the latest at a given time. Eventually, they become outdated, and although they function well, they are in need of some new parts. Spare parts are not available once the manufacturing stops.
The greatest advantage of Schneider Elevators is that all spare parts are available and replacing parts is part of the maintenance process.

Schneider routine service program for high traffic lifts includes
A) Bi weekly inspection services

1. For checking acceleration, deceleration and riding comfort of the elevators.
2. For checking leveling accuracy and brake function of the elevators.
3. For checking door switches of the elevators.
4. For checking safety switches on cage of the elevators.
5. For checking safety switches on hoist way and machine room.
6. For checking weighing device functioning of the elevators.
7. For checking relays and contacts of the elevators.
8. For checking traction gear oils on the elevators.
9 .For checking motor for abnormal temperatures of the elevators.

B) Monthly inspection service (in addition to Bi-weekly service)

1. For oiling and greasing car guide rails and lubricators.
2. For oiling and greasing counterweight guide rails and lubricators.
3. For oiling and greasing other mechanical units if applicable.
4. For cleaning traction gear.
5. For cleaning motor.
6. For cleaning brakes.
7. For cleaning ropes if necessary.
8. For cleaning door operated with retracting cam.
9. For cleaning pulleys.
10. For checking hall buttons and indicator function.

C) Bi-Monthly inspection service (in addition to monthly and bi-weekly service)

1. For cleaning guide rails and beams of elevators.
2. For cleaning door hangers and rails of it.
3. For inspecting door guide shoes.
4. For cleaning interior of door switches and limit switches wherever applicable.
5. For checking traveling cable.
6. For cleaning the safety gear.

D) Half Yearly inspection service (in addition to aforementioned services)

1. For cleaning controller interior by means of vacuum cleaner or blower.
2. For cleaning electrical motor interior by means of blower or vacuum cleaner.
3. For checking traction ropes for damages, wear tear or any elongation.
4. For checking the oil buffers.
5. To check hall push buttons and indicator functions.
6. To check the operation of the safety gear.
7. To check the compensation chains and ropes.
8. To check bearings of door motor.
10.To check final limit switches.

E) Yearly inspection service (in addition to aforementioned services)

1. For checking and tightening of all the connector screws in controller.
2. For checking, cleaning and tightening all connection boxes in the hoist way.
3. For testing all safety devices.
4. For checking and tightening of foundation bolts of traction machine.
5. For checking and tightening screws of car frame and counter-weight.