Elevating into the New Year, 2018 with best residential elevators

An elevator at personal space has been considered a luxury for a long time. However, with time, more buyers ranging from older adults in families to young children in families, or families with disabled members look forward to buying elevators at their personal spaces, to ensure easy movement from one place to another.

Thinking about top residential elevators in Pune is no longer a dream. People install elevators to ease the burden of bad knees or a bad back. According to a recent survey, builders have stated that lifts are increasingly showing up in home renovations, custom-built homes, and high-end speculative properties.

So, we bring you reasons why Schneider should be one of your new year Installations in 2018.

Is it affordable?

Elevating into the New Year, 2018 with Best Residential Elevators
Elevating into the New Year, 2018 with Best Residential Elevators

To give you Happiness this New year, YES!

When you realize your car is no longer safe to transport you and your family, you don’t hesitate to purchase a new one. When your refrigerator quits working, you replace it for the health and convenience of your family. The same could be said for installing a home elevator: When your home’s design no longer works for you and your physical needs, an elevator is an obvious choice to make your life organically easier.

Residential Elevators can be entirely according to the owner’s budget. You don’t have to limit your movement. Home elevators eliminate what can become a dangerous obstacle to climbing and descending stairs with few renovations to your home and society.

The thought of adding an elevator to the home seems quite impossible to most people. This may have once been true, but the addition of an elevator is accessible and affordable today. Plus, innovations in design and construction have made it possible for an elevator to be easily incorporated into the design of an existing home or a new build.

Safety Concern!

Some of the major fears associated with elevators include getting stuck and falling free. With advancement in technology, the risk of falling tree has been overcome with the introduction of spring-loaded brakes that are set in motion and bring the elevator to rest safely and quickly. Home elevators today are equipped with several types of protection depending on the particular system. These include slack-cable safety devices and over speed detectors.

A possible risk nowadays is getting stuck in a home elevator. The impact of this problem can be minimized by associating with the right elevator and lift contractor. The right contractor is one that provides emergency home elevator service round the clock, and whose place of business is within an easy driving distance from your home. You need to ensure that your elevator contractor has professionals who know their job and can provide immediate service. Make sure that your home elevator has a working phone and a qualified installer that truly understands what emergency service is.

To avoid accidents involving home elevators, it is crucial to be aware of the safety features that are indispensable in residential elevators and to purchase equipment that has these vital features. With much advancement in technology, major manufacturers provide affordable home elevators with advanced safety features suiting various indoor and outdoor transportation needs. These features include:

  • Door interlock system

  • Emergency stop with alarm

  • Power backup facility, telephone

  • One touchscreen controls

  • Cable safety devices

  • Battery operated (UPS) emergency lowering and lighting

  • Hand-crank manual lowering

  • Motorized braking

  • Lockable control panel

  • Elevator door interlocks

  • Emergency stop switch

  • Slack chain brake system

Escalate the New Year with Residential Elevators
Escalate the New Year with Residential Elevators

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Schneider Elevator is the number-one source for Residential, Hospital, Industrial, Capsule and Bungalow Elevators in India, designs, builds, and installs only the highest quality elevators and platform lifts. The company offers revolutionary designs and ideas. At Schneider Elevators, we don’t consider a job complete until the customer is 100% satisfied. We are one of the best elevators providers in Pune.

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Schneider Elevators wishes you a happy and prosperous 2018!


ElevatorWith growing population in cities and less space, the height of buildings is increasing. While new constructions are tall skyscrapers, when the old ones are reconstructed, they are also converted into tall towers. Hence, towering buildings have become the mark of modern cities all over the world. They look so attractive and welcoming. Some of you may love the idea of living somewhere high up on the 25th floor or higher. A very nice idea indeed! But one has to travel up and down that distance any number of times during the day. Consequently, you have to spend a pretty amount of time riding in elevators, and even more time waiting for them.

Research shows that in most big cities, in a lifetime, one spends about 16 to 17 years in elevators and 25 to 30 years waiting for them. These figures keep on increasing with the increasing use of elevators and new constructions. Just imagine, would you like to spend around 15 years of your life in an uncomfortable, tiny place? Why not make these years a pleasant riding experience?

When elevators began to be used initially, the sole purpose was to save time and physical effort. Elevators and lifts were especially found convenient in hospitals where patients cannot move around on their own. They are also a boon to aged people and the physically handicapped. But when skyscrapers became the mark, normal people could not even think of staying on a floor above six without an elevator facility. Builders could not think of constructing tall buildings had there been no elevators. Today, one takes elevators for granted. They have become part of modern life. Neighbors perhaps rarely meet each other personally, except in elevators. So the meeting has to take place in a god place.

As elevators became a necessity and not luxury, innovations started taking place in the models of elevators. The first concern was safety. Passenger traffic became more common than transport of goods. Where human beings are concerned, safety is very important. Safety measures like strong cables and brakes were added. Considering the total use of elevators, accidents are very few in number. Another important precaution that has to be taken is maintenance of the elevators. Just as car accidents will happen if the car is not in condition, elevators can be dangerous if not maintained regularly. It is the responsibility of the elevator companies to provide maintenance services round the year. Twenty-four hour service with call centers must be provided by the companies.

Another important factor is training and awareness among the users. When we purchase a new microwave oven or a washing machine, we have to read the instruction manual carefully, watch a demo, and understand the mechanics before we start using them. Similarly, it would be a good idea to invite a technician from the elevator company for a society meeting and request him to explain the working of an elevator. When we use a car, we know some basics which help us to make minor repairs if something goes wrong and there is an emergency. Similarly, understanding the mechanics of an elevator would be very helpful in making people aware that there is convenience, yet there is danger if sufficient care is not taken. There are people with an attitude who think that they can use a thing the way they like it, that they pay for the facility and they must have it. This attitude needs to be changed.

So? When you have to spend considerable time of your life in an elevator, should it not be safe and quality time?