Residential Elevators

Schneider Elevator Pvt Ltd is one of the reputed names in elevator manufacturer industry and is known for its high-quality production of its various products. The company possesses a high potential of meeting heavy demands of the market, without compromising the quality of its products. The name itself is a reliable name that assures the trust on quality and transparency of services. The company manufactures a varied range of products in elevators and escalators. Residential Elevator is one of the proud manufacturing of products that are taking ahead of the idea of perfect living in the residential areas of the society.

We are the best Residential elevators provider in Pune India
Residential Elevator

Why Residential Elevator are required?
There has been an increase in demand for the residential elevator in the society. There are many important factors that count for the increase in demand of elevators in residential areas.

  1. Adding ease: The main reason why people, as well as constructors, are looking for residential elevators is the associated ease of daily life that comes with the installation of a residential elevator.

  2. Increase efficiency: Another reason to opt for the residential elevator is that it helps in adding more efficiency in an individual’s life. One can save his or her energy by going for elevators instead of taking stairs for every visit.

  3. Easy to access by everyone: Schneider Elevator is easy to operate. You can easily operate them, for travelling per floor without any difficulty. Moreover, any age group can use them as they are easy to handle and are technical efficient to meet your travelling needs.

  4. Beauty with comfort: Residential Elevator are the synonym of beauty with comfort. They add comfort to your lifestyle by allowing you an easy travel and they also add beauty component to your building. They create a more beautiful ambience around your ambience.

Why Schneider for Residential Elevator?

The name is a trusted name in the industry. The associated technology and high quality ensure you the benefits of selecting Schneider among the others in the industry. There are many salient features that describe us more precisely. They are:

  1. Safety: We have designed the elevators in a way that they are well incorporated and are efficient in lifting the goods and people. There is a special provision for electromechanical door interlocks that is controlled by the limit switches. These switches are introduced on the collapsible gates. These switches are very sensitive and in case of power cut, they offer over hoisting & over lowering. Spring buffers are also introduced on the ground floor that adds extra safety feature on the ground floor.

  2. High efficiency: We deliver free standing lift structure that can help you to install the unit with a greater ease. The efficiency of the product is greater and is easy to operate without minimum disruption.

  3. Attractive Look: The elevators manufactured by Schneider depict the intelligence in designing. They are designed to suit the interior as well as the exterior of the buildings. Every product speaks for its look and quality at Schneider.

  4. Uninterrupted Movement: Schneider offers you flawless traveling in its range of residential elevators. They are manufactured in such a way that they suit the transferring with ease. Irrespective of the outer environment, they offer smooth, steady motion of the elevators.

  5. Speedy Movements: We offer speedy movements with your every travel. Schneider Elevators offer you the premium quality of machines that are utilized for fast movements.

With all these inbuilt qualities, Schneider Elevator offers you a high range of residential elevator products.

Residential Elevators to Ease your Life

The residential elevators are really helpful to transform your life and to make you live more comfortably and easily. It gives a way to get around home safely and easily for those who have a limited mobility. For others it can be used as an added luxury to their home as well as an asset and feature to their home. As times have changed, the escalators are no longer simply used for the rich, elderly or for the famous. Due to the innovations in the industry, the cost of the materials has decreased consistently. This has reasoned to become practical addition to all homes today. As life style has changed, many of the house owners have taken it as fashion for homes. Schneider Elevator Pvt. Ltd is a renowned residential elevator company in Pune.

Schneider Elevator Pvt. Ltd

Having completed and delivered a large number of projects, Schneider Elevator Pvt. Ltd has become the best elevator and escalator providers in India. The company is having the headquarters in Pune from where all the projects are managed and delivered to all over India. The company was formed with the aim of providing world class and cost effective escalators and elevators to the clients all over India. Since its start, the company has stood reliable and trusted for the clients who trusted us and wanted their service.

Elevator in Pune

Benefits of choosing Schneider residential elevators

It is necessary to have a residential elevator for the people living in residential buildings to make their everyday activities faster and easier. The elevator should be safe, reliable and quick. Our safe and friendly elevator system will help you and your family to go up and down easily and safely. Our residential elevators are built for extreme performance and with intense working condition which are needed for the purpose of residential use. This makes the elevator to be strong enough at the time of harshest of environments. The thickness of our car walls and the bracing of our frames support all reaction loads so the frame and car do not twist or deform over time. Our steel support members are rolled to ensure rigidity. Schneider elevators deliver all this, with comfort and style. It makes us the best lift company in Maharashtra.

In all our lifting services, all safety codes are incorporated and followed. On collapsible gates, an electro mechanical door with limit switches is provided and on each floor, Lever type limit switches are given. In addition to above limit switches, for over hoisting & over lowering, a very sensitive counter limit switch is provided. And as safety measure, on the ground floor, spring buffers are provided. With all these safety measures, we make sure the safety of the users.

As there is no need of special building or civil work, the unit can be easily installed in any existing building without much disruption. The robust construction, easy to assemble design and easy operation of Schneider elevator makes favorable lift for everybody. Many highly prestigious street manufacturers and retailers are fond of our elevators due to its features.

Schneider Elevator

Until recently, the elevator has been considered as part of luxury to homes or considered as a medical necessity. However, this concept has undergone a drastic change due to the decreased cost of materials and installation costs. Another reason for it is the changed life style and tastes of the people. Schneider Elevator Pvt. Ltd has flourished their business gaining the trust of the clients and became the best choice of best elevator company in India for people who need an elevator for their homes.