Elevating into the New Year, 2018 with best residential elevators

An elevator at personal space has been considered a luxury for a long time. However, with time, more buyers ranging from older adults in families to young children in families, or families with disabled members look forward to buying elevators at their personal spaces, to ensure easy movement from one place to another.

Thinking about top residential elevators in Pune is no longer a dream. People install elevators to ease the burden of bad knees or a bad back. According to a recent survey, builders have stated that lifts are increasingly showing up in home renovations, custom-built homes, and high-end speculative properties.

So, we bring you reasons why Schneider should be one of your new year Installations in 2018.

Is it affordable?

Elevating into the New Year, 2018 with Best Residential Elevators
Elevating into the New Year, 2018 with Best Residential Elevators

To give you Happiness this New year, YES!

When you realize your car is no longer safe to transport you and your family, you don’t hesitate to purchase a new one. When your refrigerator quits working, you replace it for the health and convenience of your family. The same could be said for installing a home elevator: When your home’s design no longer works for you and your physical needs, an elevator is an obvious choice to make your life organically easier.

Residential Elevators can be entirely according to the owner’s budget. You don’t have to limit your movement. Home elevators eliminate what can become a dangerous obstacle to climbing and descending stairs with few renovations to your home and society.

The thought of adding an elevator to the home seems quite impossible to most people. This may have once been true, but the addition of an elevator is accessible and affordable today. Plus, innovations in design and construction have made it possible for an elevator to be easily incorporated into the design of an existing home or a new build.

Safety Concern!

Some of the major fears associated with elevators include getting stuck and falling free. With advancement in technology, the risk of falling tree has been overcome with the introduction of spring-loaded brakes that are set in motion and bring the elevator to rest safely and quickly. Home elevators today are equipped with several types of protection depending on the particular system. These include slack-cable safety devices and over speed detectors.

A possible risk nowadays is getting stuck in a home elevator. The impact of this problem can be minimized by associating with the right elevator and lift contractor. The right contractor is one that provides emergency home elevator service round the clock, and whose place of business is within an easy driving distance from your home. You need to ensure that your elevator contractor has professionals who know their job and can provide immediate service. Make sure that your home elevator has a working phone and a qualified installer that truly understands what emergency service is.

To avoid accidents involving home elevators, it is crucial to be aware of the safety features that are indispensable in residential elevators and to purchase equipment that has these vital features. With much advancement in technology, major manufacturers provide affordable home elevators with advanced safety features suiting various indoor and outdoor transportation needs. These features include:

  • Door interlock system

  • Emergency stop with alarm

  • Power backup facility, telephone

  • One touchscreen controls

  • Cable safety devices

  • Battery operated (UPS) emergency lowering and lighting

  • Hand-crank manual lowering

  • Motorized braking

  • Lockable control panel

  • Elevator door interlocks

  • Emergency stop switch

  • Slack chain brake system

Escalate the New Year with Residential Elevators
Escalate the New Year with Residential Elevators

About us

Schneider Elevator is the number-one source for Residential, Hospital, Industrial, Capsule and Bungalow Elevators in India, designs, builds, and installs only the highest quality elevators and platform lifts. The company offers revolutionary designs and ideas. At Schneider Elevators, we don’t consider a job complete until the customer is 100% satisfied. We are one of the best elevators providers in Pune.

To lift any space a luxurious, secure and affordable elevator this New Year visit http://www.schneiderelevator.co.in/

Schneider Elevators wishes you a happy and prosperous 2018!

Residential Elevators add value to your Home!

Today, it is necessary to have a residential elevator with every house. But installing a less quality elevator will put the owner into a loss as he may fed up with maintaining it every year, spending much money, and it may also may not long last. So, people have to look at all the aspects of an elevator before purchasing an elevator for your home. If you want to get the practical benefits from the residential elevator, you should decide to buy it from a reliable residential elevator service provider. Schneider residential elevators are renowned and have fame due to its quality. Schneider elevators add comfort to your home and improve the aesthetic appeal. It provides you the great mobility within your home. It helps the elders a lot to stay within the home with great mobility within the home.

Residential Elevator

Benefits of elevators

There are a lot of benefits to installing a Schneider elevator in your new building or existing home:

Mobility: Physical disabilities make people go for single story ranch style homes as they can move up and down. A residential elevator provides people a greater mobility, independence, and freedom. Elevator makes people move easily from the ground floor to any other floor easily.

Convenience: an elevator installed in your home can make the life of everyone in the family easier. Today, in the modern families, everyone has a busy life and a home elevator gives everyone the convenience and comfort to move one floor to another.

Transport Heavy Goods: as the residential elevators in India have heavy load capacity, these elevators can be used to move heavy furniture, groceries and other heavy loads between floors. It can avoid a lot of back injuries and injuries happening due to carrying heavy items up or down the stairs.

Increase Home Value: Undoubtedly an elevator in your home will definitely improve the value of your home. Planning ahead with an elevator allows occupants to remain in their homes longer as manipulating the stairs becomes more difficult as we get older.

Schneider elevators- the best in India

If you are building a new home and wanted to install a residential elevator, the best place is to do it is Schneider Elevator Pvt. Ltd. We have been working with new home builders for years and custom manufacture each and every elevator to meet the exact specifications needed for your new home. Our professionals will work along with the building team to ensure the safety and the agreement with the building code and the elevator.

At Schneider Elevator Pvt. Ltd we believe in doing the job as if it was our first client and doing it for the forest time. You can count on our team to work with you all through the whole installation procedure. Our first priority is customer satisfaction and safety. Schneider elevators are well known among all others as they provide their service all over India and have countless clients so far. Schneider is residential elevator manufacturer who takes utmost care and caution while providing elevators to the clients. Schneider in Pune is the best company who does the excellent elevator maintenance, get their help to maintain your elevator system long lasting. They are certified and can offer clients the different choices according to the requirements of them. Schneider Elevator Pvt. Ltd has flourished their business gaining the trust of the clients and became the best choice of best elevator manufacturers company in India for people who need an elevator for their homes.

Residential Elevators to Ease your Life

The residential elevators are really helpful to transform your life and to make you live more comfortably and easily. It gives a way to get around home safely and easily for those who have a limited mobility. For others it can be used as an added luxury to their home as well as an asset and feature to their home. As times have changed, the escalators are no longer simply used for the rich, elderly or for the famous. Due to the innovations in the industry, the cost of the materials has decreased consistently. This has reasoned to become practical addition to all homes today. As life style has changed, many of the house owners have taken it as fashion for homes. Schneider Elevator Pvt. Ltd is a renowned residential elevator company in Pune.

Schneider Elevator Pvt. Ltd

Having completed and delivered a large number of projects, Schneider Elevator Pvt. Ltd has become the best elevator and escalator providers in India. The company is having the headquarters in Pune from where all the projects are managed and delivered to all over India. The company was formed with the aim of providing world class and cost effective escalators and elevators to the clients all over India. Since its start, the company has stood reliable and trusted for the clients who trusted us and wanted their service.

Elevator in Pune

Benefits of choosing Schneider residential elevators

It is necessary to have a residential elevator for the people living in residential buildings to make their everyday activities faster and easier. The elevator should be safe, reliable and quick. Our safe and friendly elevator system will help you and your family to go up and down easily and safely. Our residential elevators are built for extreme performance and with intense working condition which are needed for the purpose of residential use. This makes the elevator to be strong enough at the time of harshest of environments. The thickness of our car walls and the bracing of our frames support all reaction loads so the frame and car do not twist or deform over time. Our steel support members are rolled to ensure rigidity. Schneider elevators deliver all this, with comfort and style. It makes us the best lift company in Maharashtra.

In all our lifting services, all safety codes are incorporated and followed. On collapsible gates, an electro mechanical door with limit switches is provided and on each floor, Lever type limit switches are given. In addition to above limit switches, for over hoisting & over lowering, a very sensitive counter limit switch is provided. And as safety measure, on the ground floor, spring buffers are provided. With all these safety measures, we make sure the safety of the users.

As there is no need of special building or civil work, the unit can be easily installed in any existing building without much disruption. The robust construction, easy to assemble design and easy operation of Schneider elevator makes favorable lift for everybody. Many highly prestigious street manufacturers and retailers are fond of our elevators due to its features.

Schneider Elevator

Until recently, the elevator has been considered as part of luxury to homes or considered as a medical necessity. However, this concept has undergone a drastic change due to the decreased cost of materials and installation costs. Another reason for it is the changed life style and tastes of the people. Schneider Elevator Pvt. Ltd has flourished their business gaining the trust of the clients and became the best choice of best elevator company in India for people who need an elevator for their homes.

The Bounce of Elevator Companies in India

The grasp of technology is already being a part and parcel of modernisation. With the high rise in standards of living, the dependency on machines to carry out our daily ergonomics have increased at a very higher pace. The emergence of Elevators is one of the recognized efforts of technology done in order to serve the mankind. From the start of the day to the end of it, we are dependent upon these machines for little things. With the support of the technology, the bar of performance has also raised.The virtue of growth had expanded since years. The innovation of elevators is a transcript of ensuring comfort and trust to the mankind.

Elevator Company in Pune

Descend your workload with ascending floors

Yes, you have heard it right. It’s time to celebrate the rise of floors with the introduction of elevators in your buildings. Don’t get afraid with the increasing number of floors. Schneider Elevator is one of the elevator companies in Maharashtra, which is serving the state and the country since its emergence. Elevators are added in almost every possible area of activity of human life. Heights become just a number with the introduction of Schneider Elevator. These elevators create a perfect bridge between the growing number of floors and your reach to them, without compromising with your energy and time.

The Assets of using Elevators

1. Time and energy saviour: With the use of elevators, we can save a prominent amount of time in reaching to a place without sacrificing the energy. Your every travel becomes easy, fast and comfortable to you with elevators.

2. Perfect Support system for old age and kids: The grown up age makes it difficult for the people to carry out there too and fro of the journey with the same spirit, especially when you are talking about ascending or descending the staircase. The elevator becomes your perfect partner in travel, omitting the need to take stairs. Even with the kids, sometimes it becomes troublesome to cover the floors. The residential elevator manufactures makes your journey a happy journey.

3. Adding Efficiency: The use of Schneider Elevator has helped the professionals to add efficiency in their work by adding convenience in their travels.

Our reach:

1. Malls: Who does not love to hang out for shopping? Malls and shopping markets are the most visited public places of any city. With the popularity of the place, the place becomes well crowded and sometimes creates a chaos. With the elevators in Malls, the outflow and inflow of the customers could be more systematical.

2. Hospital Elevators: Surely, a place no one wants to visit. But the unavoidable circumstances, sometimes end in landing you in hospitals.We care for your those tough movements and we extend our support. We are a proud name in hospital elevator manufacturers and are serving the mankind with great loyalty.

3. The Bungalow: We also provide delivery of Bungalow Elevators. A sub class of elevators that adds elegance in your class.

4. Residential Elevators: Schneider elevator is a name of supremacy. With our production of Capsule Elevators, we have entered the delicacy of traveling at your home.

With great work, comes the great responsibilities. We have already talked about the reach of Schneider Elevator in the routine of our lives. With the presence of ours, we are committed to provide a hassle free interface of you with the technology of elevators.

We have a separate team of skilled professionals who are dedicated in every step of the process of using elevators. From idea to installation, installation to performance, performance to maintenance, we are present to make sure your life better. Our 24*7 support system enables us to be your trusted and always ready to help partner. Our team has a proactive attitude towards the problem that helps them to come up with a solution, much before the problem creates any nuisance. Our on time completion of the products makes us the most preferred choice among our customers. Schneider India is the arising name in the term of excellence.

Best Elevator Company in Pune

Schneider Elevator Pvt. Ltd is one of the top best elevator company in Pune India. The thought behind constructing the company was to help people and to offer the best elevators and escalator at a price that is affordable to its customers. The company offers different products like residential elevators, elevators in hospitals, industries, capsule elevators, bungalow elevators and escalators.

People in residential buildings require a lift that will make their daily activities trouble- free. It is important for the lift to be rapid and secure. The company’s environment friendly state of the art residential lifts help out individuals and members of the family to move without any difficulty amid each floor. The residential elevators are constructed to carry out in tremendous, working conditions that are strong.

Residential elevators

These elevators can bear the severity of the environment because of the thickness of the walls and the frame bracing that helps in supporting the entire load. Thus, this does not lead to the twisting or deformity over the period of time. Safety is also a key factor that Schneider Elevator takes into consideration. The entire safety codes are included and are followed for the lifting of devices. An electromechanical door that joins with limit switches is offered on gates that are collapsible. Lever type limit switches are given on every floor.

Hospital elevator manufacturer

Schneider Elevator is the company which is the hospital elevator manufacturer in India. The elevators in hospitals are utilized in situations of emergency and during important times that is required to be handled continuously in hospitals. The company provides a lift for patients in hospitals who need to be carried from one floor to another. For quick speed and comfort the lifts have huge capacity motors. These motors that are highly efficient give out a very small level of movement of noise and are remarkably silent. The quantity of lateral vibration that is produced by high – speed elevator cars is incredible. The active roller of Schneider Elevator technology decreases the vibration by around 60%. The hospital bed elevators are planned and manufactured keeping in mind the security of the passengers and the convenience.

Industrial elevator company

This company also deals with industry lifts. It is the industry elevator manufacturer company in Pune that apply a thorough quality program of quality to make sure the main standards of the industry are met. The important feature of the lift is the strength. The body is cut off from the drive sled to reduce the noise and create a vibration for a ride that is silent and even. These lifts can be installed without any difficulty. The lifts are fabricated completely for customization of the needs of the industry or space that is obtainable and are recognized for giving a soft touch.

Capsule elevator manufacturer

Capsule elevators are also manufactured by Schneider Elevator. Schneider Elevator is a capsule lift manufacturer company that provides an extra eye to a modern building and acts as an architectural emphasize of the buildings. Capsule lifts have a design that is contemporary to offer an experience of cosmic zone to the customers. This lift is also trustworthy and economical with low maintenance. This capsule lift is developed from the finest quality constituents under the direction of professionals who are skilled.

Schneider Elevator’s Home Elevators are an easy still an effective solution for transportation vertically for an individual’s row house, bungalow, villa, duplex apartment or penthouses. The home lifts are made to meet the requirements of vertical mobility in public and private buildings. These elevators have been made to specially fit in the home and it can take two people with ease. Bungalow elevators are used when stairs become more difficult and it is a brilliant option when compared to a stair lift. The advantage of using home lifts is that they are good for lifting objects that are heavy. Bungalow lifts are more cost efficient and are smart as well as accessible.

Save consumption of energy used by Elevators

The elevators consume 3-7% of your building’s energy, though the elevators may not be your highest energy consumer, they offer the potential for significant cost and energy savings. The modernized elevators save a lot of energy. Schneider is one of the leading elevator companies in Pune which provides the clients with new modernized elevator services.

best elevator for the consumption of energy

Focus on the major sources of elevator energy waste with a solution in your budget.


To understand where the most cost-effective changes can be made, your next step is to check the components responsible for high energy usage.

One of the highest sources of energy used in elevators is the drive operation. Older drives, such as motor-generator sets, are continuously operating, which can be very slack and contribute to a large waste of energy. They can also add to hidden energy costs in a building as they generate a lot of heat, which requires additional energy from HVAC to cool the machines.

Still, have a hydraulic elevator? Its machine likely uses 40-60 HP as compared to the 6-8 HP motor ideal of a modern machine room-less elevator. This means whenever the elevator is working, its wasting energy, whether it’s raising the car or just leveling as it reaches the right floor.

In hydraulics, there are some elevators that can really perform well because they minimize the floor-to-floor time. If it takes 12 seconds to reach your floor in a hydraulic elevator, you can reach your floor in 9 to 10 seconds in a modern elevator, those three seconds every time the elevator runs can sum up pretty quickly. Hence, if the motor’s not running, you’re conserving energy.”


If your budget doesn’t support a full-scale modernization, don’t worry – there are many incremental changes that will help improve efficiency without including large expenses.

Lighting and Buttons

Lighting is a great place to cut off electricity consumption. Consider substituting your existing fluorescent tube lights, incandescent with LEDs or other high-efficiency, low power consumption for a quick payback. LED push buttons can also be used to save some energy.

Starter Replacement

Assume to save $300-500 per year on this change, the cost of which begins around $2,500 can save a lot of energy used by the elevators. The highest savings with a new starter are from its security against poor quality power that can cause brownouts in the building.


If you’re looking at a bigger project, check to see if code permits controllers with standby mode where the elevator will shut off or diminish lighting and HVAC in the elevator while it’s empty.

LARGER scale upgrades:

“The charges of an elevator modernization can range from a few thousand dollars to the million dollars, depending on the type. A wide variety of factors which includes the number of elevators, traffic demands, and a number of floors, fixtures, and architectural elements are all important when determining the cost.

A full modernization can cost up to $120,000-130,000 and basically replaces everything except the elevator shaft. This investment brings the whole elevator up to the latest code needs, replaces the cab interior, and generally results in looking like a brand new elevator system.

Though energy saving isn’t the sole focus of an elevator modernization, you can still make it a preference by defining any of the several energy-cutting features probable with a higher investment:

Standby mode, a controller feature that’s highly useful where the elevator sits idle regularly, powers down, signaling, and other not important operations after the elevator haven’t been handled for a particular period of time. The elevator then powers back up and replies whenever someone clicks a button to request the elevator.

Destination dispatch is also a smart control technology ready in a full modernization and permits the elevator bank to group customers in the most efficient way, decreasing the number of stops for all passengers.

Got an old-fashioned geared elevator? An upgrade to gearless modernization reduces the motor generator, diminishing noise levels and energy consumption. Regenerative trips recovers the energy generated at the time of slowing down the elevator and feed it back into the building.


Elevator upgrades offer precious few LEED points and need high investment costs, so why blow the money? An incompetent elevator is not just an energy eater – its wasteful work is a red flag for larger, more expensive difficulties waiting to happen, from pollution to annoyed tenants and clients.

There are always wave effects with the older equipment. Carbon dust goes passes not only your machine room but can also go through your entire building and get out into the hallways.

The oil needed to run a hydraulic elevator also shows a potential environmental hazard. Such and many more problems are being faced by people living in the buildings with old elevators hence inorder to overcome the drastic effects and save energy it is necessary to upgrade the elevator system.

An Elevator In A Private Home Has Been Known As A Luxury Item

An elevator in a private home has been known as a luxury item. It is now more prevalence to see people buying home elevators to remodel their homes. These private elevators are used in multi story rooms. These main types of elevator are specially designed for those people who are unable to climb floors. Usually for senior citizens who are unable to walk several floors of staircases. There are many such elevator and escalators manufacturer companies and also industrial Elevator Manufacturer Company who serve such special and main type of elevator services.

Elevator Manufacturer Company In Pune

Elevators now are no longer been used in commercial buildings a lot of moneyed owners are buying them to help with gaining access to all floors of their home. Elevators now are being used more often for their practical prosperity, accommodating physically challenged people. People who are physically unfit of using the stairs anymore, a home elevator will allow them to reach every floor and room. An elevator in home will allow and help to do things easier for a person’s aid if they have one in their home. There are three main types of elevators:

Hydraulic Elevators– Hydraulic elevators are designed for low-level buildings; they use a hydraulic fluid and hydraulic arm to function the elevator cab. They are built better with the construction of the home, as they require a big machine space or room.

Traction Elevators–   Such elevators are also found in many of the commercial buildings, the system uses steel cables, a motor, and a counter weight to move the elevator cab in moving upwards and downwards.

Pneumatic Elevators– Pneumatic elevators are specially designed for less complex, they are designed specifically for residential use. It is been shaped like a cylinder, these elevators use vacuum system to help its passengers travel between floors.

Elevator Manufacturer Company In Pune

Home elevator can be helpful to anyone, even if you do not have any kind of disability. It helps in moving huge items or taking things between floors like furniture and heavy things which cannot be taken up to the floors by climbing up the stairs. These main types of elevators also help in reducing any kind of injury while taking or carrying heavy furniture.  People who are clogged to wheelchairs are finding benefits of installing main types of elevators at home.  Many of the families are installing elevators in their homes to make living more comfortable for their elders. People tend to think that the price of the home elevator is high but they are unaware that its within their budget. So there are many elevator manufacturer and industrial elevator manufacturers who give the best of their services to their clients, many of the elevator manufacturers also provide free maintainer for certain period of time. Options like the pneumatic elevator make them very reasonable. The installation and the creation of a machine room can drive the rates up. This may cause increase in the value of your home. This is a great venture and can help in adding many years to how long someone can stay in the same home. Elevators are now no longer a luxury they have become the necessity.

What Are The Different Types Of Elevators?

We live in this world of mechanization and digitalization. Life is becoming more and more artificial. The natural habit of walking is lost to such an extent that one has to reserve time for morning and evening walks. Then one takes a few rounds on a small piece of land as if it is one more daily routine task fulfilled. When walking has to be a deliberate and planned activity, ascending and descending are far off. A flight of stairs is frustrating and tiring. No need to worry. Machines are at our service for all tiring physical activities. Now they have become a part of routine so much that we take them for granted. Hence, if there is a lift in a building, well, it has to be there. If there is no lift, you miss it and start complaining. Machined have made us dependent upon them. One such machine that we take for granted is an elevator, commonly known as a lift. It is a small cubicle that accommodates 4 to 6 persons and commutes up and down floors, dropping the persons on the desired floor or picking them up. This is the kind of elevator that comes to mind immediately. However, with progress in technology, elevators have improved in design and service. A variety of elevators and escalators are widely used in all walks of life.

Types of elevators

Based on hoist mechanism elevators can be classified into four types: hydraulic elevators, traction elevators, climbing elevators and pneumatic elevators.

The following types of elevators are based on their use. Different types of elevators are used for different purposes.

  • Home lifts: They are usually fitted in residential buildings or offices either inside or outside. They are used for transporting passengers up and down the floors of a building. They are automatic in the sense, passengers do not have to push floor buttons; they stop at each floor and wait at the last destination until called for. They have a capacity of carrying 4 to 6 people. They are often used for carrying goods or luggage in small quantities.

home lift

  • Hospital elevators: Hospital elevators are busy for longer hours. They are spacious because trolleys and patients on stretchers have to be carried, sometimes with medical equipment and machinery.

hospital elevator

  • Industrial elevators: Industries require elevators for carriage of bulk goods and commodities vertically across shop floors or show rooms. They are strong and sturdy and specially designed to carry heavy goods.

indutrail elevator

  • Capsule elevator: It is literally shaped like a capsule from outside and possesses all other features of a regular elevator. The very purpose of a capsule elevator is aesthetic decor; hence it is fitted on the outer side of shopping malls, theaters and sometimes commercial buildings. Capsule lifts are part and parcel of modern architecture.
  • Escalator: An escalator is a moving staircase. Escalators are found in departmental stores, shopping malls, railway stations, airports or stadiums. The advantage of an escalator is that while a limited number of passengers can ride in an elevator cabin, the escalator belt rotates continuously and any number of people can step on and off at convenient points.


Thus, we observe that all lifts are not the same: There are different elevators for different purposes; hence they differ in size, shape and service.

Schneider Elevators manufacture all types of elevators, fitted with safety devices and offer 24 hours online/offline support and maintenance. Schneider Elevators are known for best quality, timely delivery and suitable designs to match modern architecture.


ElevatorWith growing population in cities and less space, the height of buildings is increasing. While new constructions are tall skyscrapers, when the old ones are reconstructed, they are also converted into tall towers. Hence, towering buildings have become the mark of modern cities all over the world. They look so attractive and welcoming. Some of you may love the idea of living somewhere high up on the 25th floor or higher. A very nice idea indeed! But one has to travel up and down that distance any number of times during the day. Consequently, you have to spend a pretty amount of time riding in elevators, and even more time waiting for them.

Research shows that in most big cities, in a lifetime, one spends about 16 to 17 years in elevators and 25 to 30 years waiting for them. These figures keep on increasing with the increasing use of elevators and new constructions. Just imagine, would you like to spend around 15 years of your life in an uncomfortable, tiny place? Why not make these years a pleasant riding experience?

When elevators began to be used initially, the sole purpose was to save time and physical effort. Elevators and lifts were especially found convenient in hospitals where patients cannot move around on their own. They are also a boon to aged people and the physically handicapped. But when skyscrapers became the mark, normal people could not even think of staying on a floor above six without an elevator facility. Builders could not think of constructing tall buildings had there been no elevators. Today, one takes elevators for granted. They have become part of modern life. Neighbors perhaps rarely meet each other personally, except in elevators. So the meeting has to take place in a god place.

As elevators became a necessity and not luxury, innovations started taking place in the models of elevators. The first concern was safety. Passenger traffic became more common than transport of goods. Where human beings are concerned, safety is very important. Safety measures like strong cables and brakes were added. Considering the total use of elevators, accidents are very few in number. Another important precaution that has to be taken is maintenance of the elevators. Just as car accidents will happen if the car is not in condition, elevators can be dangerous if not maintained regularly. It is the responsibility of the elevator companies to provide maintenance services round the year. Twenty-four hour service with call centers must be provided by the companies.

Another important factor is training and awareness among the users. When we purchase a new microwave oven or a washing machine, we have to read the instruction manual carefully, watch a demo, and understand the mechanics before we start using them. Similarly, it would be a good idea to invite a technician from the elevator company for a society meeting and request him to explain the working of an elevator. When we use a car, we know some basics which help us to make minor repairs if something goes wrong and there is an emergency. Similarly, understanding the mechanics of an elevator would be very helpful in making people aware that there is convenience, yet there is danger if sufficient care is not taken. There are people with an attitude who think that they can use a thing the way they like it, that they pay for the facility and they must have it. This attitude needs to be changed.

So? When you have to spend considerable time of your life in an elevator, should it not be safe and quality time?